Pool Maintenance Services

We service in-ground plastered and Pebble-Tec residential pools.

(no fiberglass, vinyl liners, or painted pools)

update Sep 2022- We do not have any availability on routes in Turlock at this time.

Basic Chemical Service - $70 per month

We service your pool once a week in the summer months (approx. Apr-Sep), and once every other week in the winter months (approx. Oct-Mar). At each visit, we test the water and administer the necessary chemicals.

Backwash Service - $80 per month (DE and SAND FILTERS ONLY)

This service includes everything provided in the Basic Chemical Service, PLUS we backwash your filter as needed (usually once every 3 to 4 weeks). For Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters, we also add DE powder back to the system after each backwash.

update SEP 2022-Full Service not available for new customers at this time. Current chemical customers who have been on a waiting list for Full Service are being added as we have availability. We will open routes up to new customers as soon as we possibly can.

Full Service - $130 per month

(Ceres, Denair, Hughson, Modesto, Oakdale, Riverbank, Salida, Turlock)

This service includes everything provided in the Basic Chemical /Backwash Service, PLUS brushing along the tile line, sweeping the tops of the steps, skimming the leaves, emptying the skimmer basket(s), pump basket, and pool sweep bag or canister, and vacuuming as needed. This is a once a week service, all year round. Does not include taking apart and cleaning cartridge and DE filters.

 Note: Maintenance items such as skimmer/pump baskets, pressure gauges, O-rings, pool cleaner parts, etc will automatically be replaced as needed at an extra charge. These wear and tear items are required to keep your pool in good operating condition and to remain on Full Service.


As a courtesy, our technicians will record their visits on a time card posted in the timer box (or in a dry area near the pool equipment). If our technician encounters a problem with the pool or equipment, he/she will leave a door hanger advising you of the problem and what action to take. If a repair or replacement part is needed, you will need to call the office to authorize us to deliver the part or schedule a repair visit. (Minor parts are routinely replaced automatically for our full service customers)

Repairs & Specialty Services

During our busy season (spring & summer) we only offer these services to our WEEKLY SERVICE customers .


One Time Clean - $90 per hour

Sometimes handling your own pool care can get away from you.

Whether it be a large collection of leaves after a storm, algae buildup, or a chemical imbalance, we can help get your pool back clear and sparkling, and then make recommendations to help keep it that way. Depending on the condition of the pool, this will sometimes take more than one visit.

Filter Cleaning - $95/each time

We can perform filter cleans on an “as needed” basis - OR - we can set up scheduled filter cleans to be done at regular intervals (i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12 months).

      **Filter Cleaning is not included in any weekly service level.

Salt Cell Maintenance- $90 + salt

Salt chlorinators can be a great addition to a pool system. They convert salt to chlorine, and therefore require less added chlorine, than a pool without. The cells do, however, require regular cleaning (every 3-4 months) and descaling to prolong their lifespan (typically 3-7 years), and it is important that this process be done properly to avoid damage to the system.

            ** Salt level maintenance is not included in any weekly service level.

Turn Solar heaters On/ Off for the season-$90

Repairs- $90 per hour

 - Repairs and installation of all major pool equipment including:        pumps, motors, filters, heaters, sweeps/cleaners and more

 - Pool light repairs and installation

 - Control system upgrades, troubleshooting, and installation 

Service Area

Modesto, Ceres, Salida, Riverbank, Oakdale, Waterford, Hughson, Hickman, Turlock, Denair, Hilmar, Livingston, Atwater, Winton, Merced.

Referral Program


Once on service, you will receive a month of free basic chemical service (as a credit) for every friend or neighbor you refer to us that becomes a Pure Water Pool Service customer.

Initial Start Up Fee - $40

($80 for new construction/new plaster)

This is a one-time fee charged for the initial visit to evaluate and start your pool on service. Our technician will visually inspect the pool and equipment to determine whether they are in good working condition. The water will be tested and the necessary chemicals will be added to the pool. We will notify you if repairs are needed. Any major repair work will need to be completed before we can take your pool on service.

Annual Conditioner Fee - $20

We add a special chemical conditioner each year at the start of the warm weather (usually in May) to help your pool's water hold chlorine levels.

This fee is waived if your pool is new on service within the past 2 months (as it is included in the start-up fee)

Any time a pool is drained, it will also need to be re-conditioned.